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Plant-Based Yogurt Workshop

Unlock The Secret To Making Plant-Based Yogurt In The Comfort Of  Your Own Home!


Hi, I'm Tanya Thompson

Professional Pastry Chef with 12+ Years of experience in the Food Industry.

There are many ways to make plant-based, vegan yogurts online. Vegan yogurts are expensive and commercial yogurts are full of added sugars and unwanted additives and preservatives. This workshop teaches you how to make dairy-free yogurt that is healthy, simple, and quite tasty.


In this workshop, you get access to a chef who guides you in creating yogurt in a more sustainable and affordable way. 


Receive A special bouns offer for my plant-based yogurt course and free plant-based dessert recipes for attending this workshop!

You Will Learn How To


How to source your ingredients


The benefits of creating your own plant-based yogurt at home


Natural Yogurt recipes you can make at home for any occasion 

Vegan yogurt is lactose-free yogurt which is free of milk proteins and it is a good option for those with lactose intolerance or milk allergy. The vegan yogurt will gain huge demand due to its health benefits. It has the following benefits such as it minimizes inflammation protection from free radicals, helps in increasing the metabolism which in turn leads to weight loss, and improves the bowel function. It also helps in absorbing the minerals. Vegan yogurt is rich in vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and essential fats, thus helping in having healthy skin and hair. These factors will propel the vegan yogurt market growth in the future. 

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